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FAQ's / Info

Call us to come and help with any lock related problems you may have.  No job too small.

How Much Does A Locksmith Cost?

Some Locksmiths have an hourly charge on top of parts, some have a out of hours rate added, some charge call out fees and weekend, bank holiday rates.

At TNE, regardless of the day the price is the same as we work on a fixed price per job and not per hour plus parts.

The cost of a job has many factors as the same lock or part from different manufacturers varies in price.  Also the quality and security grade will differ if price.  For Lock and Handle changes/upgrades we have three options to choose from based on the customers requirements and needs.


What To Do If You Get Locked Out Of Your House?

It is easy to panic in a stressful situation like being locked out of your home.  Lost Key, Lock failure, whatever the reason try to stay calm.

Ask yourself, Does a family member or friend have a spare key? Phone Your Landlord? Is there a window open? Could you have lost it at the shops?

The next step is to call a local Locksmith? Most Locksmiths aim to get to you with 30 minutes.

Always remember to Ask;  How much do you charge to gain entry?

Locksmiths are trained & experienced to enter a house Non Destructively, However in some circumstances a failed lock may need to be destroyed and a new lock will be needed at an additional fee.

A genuine Locksmith will be able to give a quote for emergency entry jobs, with or without a new lock needed.


Will A Locksmith Be Able To Open Your House?

Yes, Locksmiths will always look for the best way to enter, “The Path of Least Resistance”. If a customer has lost their keys but has more keys inside then Non destructive entry is the first option, trying many picking techniques on multiple entrances to enter the house. If this fails a last resort would be to destroy the lock which would then need to be replaced.


Do I Need ID For A Locksmith?

If you are locked out of your house it is necessary to prove ownership before a Locksmith can gain entry for you, having photo ID and/or a document with your name and address on should be shown.


Can Police Help If I’m Locked Out Of The House?

Police should only be called if it is an emergency as their time is valuable to helping people in dangerous situations.

If you are in a dangerous/emergency situation such as a young child alone locked in the house, then you could call the police.

Otherwise an Emergency Locksmith is the best person to call.


Does A Locksmith Charge A Call Out Fee?

We do not charge a call out fee for the simple reason, we want to assess the problem you have and give an accurate quote so there is no hidden extras like many rouge tradesmen do these days.  We charge only for the job needed, no hidden extras.

Some Locksmiths can charge if its out of hours but always ask to be sure.  So to avoid any misunderstanding with any tradesmen you get to your home always ask if they charge a call out fee, if they offer free estimates or a price/quote per job so you know what you are paying when complete.


How Do You Know If A Locksmith Is Genuine?

The same in many other trades, there are tradesmen who scam vulnerable people and this gives a bad name to genuine people like ourselves.

Our aim is to be as upfront and honest as possible with our customers.  To achieve this we do not have a call out fee.  We also have fixed prices per job, and offer a no obligation quote.

Coming to your home to assess the situation and based on our experience and accurately informing you of the work needed and giving a quote for the total price you will be charged.

It is always hard to hear when vulnerable people have been conned by rouge tradesmen.  This makes everyone in the industry who is genuine look bad, which we are not. Customer satisfaction is important to us, solving a problem and leaving with our customers home secured.

We appreciate feedback from our customers, although it can be time consuming to do, it allows new customers in a similar situation to find genuine tradesmen to help them in the same way.


How Much Does An Emergency Locksmith Cost?

There are a few factors to consider when determining the price.

What is the situation? Is the lock working, but you have lost the keys? Has the lock failed and may need replaced?

Locksmiths can usually give prices if you ask upfront.

At TNE we always give a price per job with no hidden extras.

We have set prices to change locks, to gain entry to a locked house, and to gain entry with replacing a lock or mechanism.

Once we know the full situation, work and part needed we can give you a quote so you know exactly what you will pay.


Should I Change The Lock Myself?

DIY is always an option.  Getting a professional is always the best way to ensure no errors are made, we have the correct tools and stock to get the job done.

There are many times when a homeowner has tried to repair or replace locks and mechanisms themselves and made it worse, leading to bigger problems and costing them more.


How Much Does it Cost To Change/Upgrade A Lock On A Front Door?

The price will depend on what level of security the customer needs or asks for. To keep things simple we offer 2-3 options of standard to high security locks & handles and will explain the benefits of each.  We can give an assessment of your home security and the vulnerability it may have.  Even the basic locks we supply and fit have the latest features that protect against the most common methods of burglary attacks.


Common Problems With Your Door Lock?

Problems with your door locks should not be ignored as it can lead to bigger problems and also if you are unable to close or open your door can be very inconvenient.

Is your key hard to turn?

Are your handles floppy, getting stuck or hard to lift?

Should I use WD40 on my door locks? NO, this is not the correct lubricant to use and can lead to lock failure.



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