How much does a locksmith cost?

As a highly recommended locksmith business, we believe transparency and fair pricing are top priorities. Unlike certain national companies that advertise enticing rates of £39 or £49 only to reveal hidden fees later, we are committed to providing honest and upfront pricing for our services.

While it might be challenging to offer an exact quote in some cases without a firsthand assessment, we strive to maintain fairness. For instance, removing a lock or mechanism may be necessary to identify the brand and determine the most suitable course of action. Prices can vary based on the brand and type of lock, but we've established set prices for each type of job to ensure transparency and fairness for both our customers and ourselves.

We take pride in offering free advice on lock problems and security concerns at your property, without any obligation to proceed with our services. Leveraging our industry experience, we can readily identify vulnerable security areas and provide budget-friendly solutions tailored to your needs.

How to prevent house door locks failing?

Preventing lock failures is crucial, and regular maintenance every few months is key to achieving this. Utilizing the appropriate lubricants can significantly extend the working life of your locks. Should you observe anything unusual with your locks, it's paramount not to dismiss it. Rather, seek the expertise of a knowledgeable professional, such as a locksmith, to promptly address and rectify any issues or replace broken parts. This proactive approach helps prevent minor concerns from escalating into more significant problems over time. 

Do I need to upgrade my locks?

We strongly advise regular maintenance of your locks to prolong their lifespan. If you've lost your keys or notice signs of wear, it may be necessary to change your locks. Additionally, for lock upgrades, we conduct a thorough assessment of your property to identify vulnerable areas—such as less visible or hidden spots like rear entrance doors. Our professional opinion is then offered on whether an upgrade is recommended.

Areas less visible to passersby, like hidden entrances, provide intruders with more time to break into your property. Installing the latest, high-security locks acts as a significant deterrent to potential thieves. Consider adding cameras to enhance security; even a dummy camera can dissuade intruders and make them think twice before targeting your property. Seeking advice and investing in these measures ensures your safety and security. Stay informed and stay safe!

Key Snapped In Door Lock?

Keys can snap for various reasons, such as being weak and bent or experiencing excessive force during a hard turn. We can remove any broken keys and investigate the root cause of the issue. We have the expertise to identify whether the key was weak or if undue force led to its breakage. Once the cause is determined, we can efficiently repair or replace any necessary parts of your door lock to resolve the issue, ensuring the security and functionality of your lock are restored. 

Call 24/7 to speak to a professional local locksmith covering North Shields, Wallsend, Whitley Bay, Tynemouth, Killingworth & Surrounding areas, aiming for a fast response time to be with you in 15-30 minutes.  Out of hours locksmith trained, skilled and fully stocked for all residential locksmith needs.

Can't open my conservatory doors? Doors jammed, key won't turn in lock?

Local locksmith near you! We are trained in opening doors and locks that have become problematic.  Opening your doors and securing them before we leave, replacing or repairing any faulty or broken parts of you locking system.  Having years of experience to advice on your security and best practices with no obligation quotes.  24/7 Locksmith North Tyneside, Newcastle, Northumberland, Expert locksmith advice from a trusted tradesman.

Broken Lock, Lost Keys, Lock Changes.  Should I Call A Professional Locksmith?

Locksmiths possess a comprehensive set of knowledge, skills, and tools to adeptly handle a diverse array of lock-related situations. With a keen ability to swiftly assess each scenario, they can determine the optimal course of action. Utilizing specialized tools, locksmiths are proficient in unlocking doors without causing damage to the lock or its surrounding area.

Their expertise extends to various lock types, encompassing traditional mechanical locks, electronic locks, and smart locks. This versatility ensures that locksmiths can effectively assist you regardless of the specific type of lock you have. Whether faced with a conventional lock or a cutting-edge electronic system, locksmiths are well-equipped to provide efficient and professional solutions tailored to your lock-related needs.

Look for a Trusted & Certified & DBS Checked Locksmith

Selecting a reputable and licensed locksmith is paramount when seeking assistance with lock-related issues. At TNE Locksmiths, we prioritize professionalism and security. Our locksmiths are DBS checked, ensuring trustworthiness, and we boast a multitude of positive reviews from satisfied customers.

Transparency is key in our service approach, with clear pricing and quotes provided. We work collaboratively with you to understand your exact needs and budget, ensuring a tailored and affordable solution. Continual research is integral to our commitment to excellence—we stay abreast of the latest tools and improved locks on the market, enhancing our skills and bolstering the security options available to our valued customers. Choose TNE Locksmiths for a reliable, skilled, and customer-focused locksmith service.

Lock Problems on your UPVC Doors & Windows?

We specialize in identifying and resolving issues with your UPVC doors or window locks, ensuring they function properly once again. With home security being a significant concern, we are dedicated to addressing all lock-related problems you may encounter. Whether it's an emergency or a non-emergency situation, our residential locksmith services are available 24/7. Feel free to call us anytime for prompt and reliable assistance with your lock-related concerns. Your home security is our priority, and we are here to provide effective solutions around the clock. 

Find A Local Locksmith Like Us

It's highly practical to have the contact number of a local locksmith saved in your phone, especially for those unexpected lockout situations. Local locksmiths, like us, operate independently, allowing us to offer more reasonable prices compared to larger national companies burdened with extensive overheads. Choosing a local locksmith ensures familiarity—you know the person who will arrive at your location.

Our prices are fair and below industry standards, and since we operate on fixed prices per job, we can provide accurate quotes before initiating any work. In contrast, with national companies, reaching out often involves contacting a call center, and they may dispatch any available locksmith, leading to potentially higher costs than anticipated. Opting for a local locksmith guarantees a more personalized and cost-effective solution.

We cover North Tyneside, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, South Tyneside and Northumberland.  No Call out Charge, No Hidden Extras, NO Vat Added.  Up front pricing and honest advice given regarding your security needs.